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Antimicrobial Fabrics


Coral Reef Cottons Antimicrobial – Soft Cotton – Round Neck -Full
Sleeve -inner Protective Wear&T shirts for Doctors, Healthcare Personnel & Individuals .

Coral Reef Cottons has raised to address the needs of Healthcare Industry and importance of Protective wear at this time of pandemic. We provide solutions by using Antimicrobial Technology in garments that elevates protection for the frontline healthcare personnel & individuals. Like many innovations, antimicrobial products were developed from a simple idea. The thought dates back in 1960s, while W.L. Morrison was contacted by a physician with a need for sustainable solution to keep disposable medical products cleaner for a longer period of time. This sensible concern of a  physician was the catalyst to develop Microban material, the first truly antimicrobial products that could be used for both medical and consumer applications.

Antimicrobial Fabric – what it really is?
Antimicrobial fabrics are infused with combination of substances to keep microbes such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses from breeding within the fibers, since the porous surfaces of textiles tend to hold moisture and heat, especially when in contact to the human body becoming favorable to the growth of

A single cell bacteria, can multiply to over a million in just a span of 8 hours, leading to infections and spread of pathogens affecting the strength of the fibers and effectiveness of the end product. That said, one must be aware that antimicrobial fabric is not a mere material that kills germs on contact.  Usage of Antimicrobial fabric ranges frombasic beddings to essentialhospital gowns which requires durable usage and effective protection during its course.
Besides hospitals it is also used in athletic and sportswear other than in filters, product packaging, and uniforms in countless other industries. Simply put – it helps stay fresh, demands fewer washes keeping the cloth fiber intact thereby aiding Product Lifeand excludes “Permastink“, caused by extensive usage.

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